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Our services help businesses and governments operate more effectively. For example, by minimising bureaucracy, streamlining costs or increasing revenue. We accessorise the new technological era to be more modern and efficient for our customers. Any IT related concerns, be it the most important facet in technological platform- Hardware & Software security and networking, we facilitate our best and effective design for efficient operation.


Our Area of Expertise are as following:

Our expertise in the IT industry has equipped us such that we provide the best technological solution in an economical yet effective way. We have been building advanced solutions for the government and other private sectors. We have been till date catering to the needs of our customer in a very in depth as whether in physical security, networking security or IT security.Our dominance in the IT sector in the UAE have made us one of the best IT service providers.

We also give importance to the money our clients spend on our service and so we take utmost care when it comes to pricing and the quality we deliver. And we do quote the best price for the products and services delivered by us.

Product Sourcing & Implementation

The best practice seen in any IT organization is outsourcing of the product. The IT infrastructure plays a very vital role while in the business environment. Most of the companies irrespective of the size and shape outsources for their advantages to reduce the annual cost, improved focus and security. We have been making our mark in the industry on sourcing and implementation of the same. We have a collective managed service which allows you to optimize backup, security and thereby reducing the cost

Hardware & Software

As the world changes, technology changes its face and it’s up to an organization to update itself in the fast-paced techno-era. And it happens to be mandatory for organizations to update their software and hardware according to the pace of modern times. It becomes a tedious process for an organization and costly too. For every software requirement of an organization, we provide a one-stop solution. All of the software solutions we provide are of the major giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Macfee etc.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

One of the intelligent ideas an organization facilitates is to have an accord with their respective IT service provider. This helps them to troubleshoot errors occurring in systems of their organization. The service partner is supposed to provide repair and maintenance service to the respective organization. We provide all our clients with AMC so that they can save their time and money. It is a dedicated measure to ensure a polished running of an organization.

IT support services

Nowadays any organization will be equipped with computer networks which inturn calls for technical support as pre- requisites. And we at Emaratech provide multifaceted service under one roof for all our clientele. Our experienced IT professionals who are willing to provide around the clock service to establish maximum quality in our service to our clients. Our skilled IT consultants maintain the trouble free IT working environment in your organization.



We have been building advanced solutions for the government and other private sectors. We have been to date catering to the needs of our customers in a very in-depth as whether in physical security, networking security or IT security. Our dominance in the IT sector in the UAE has made us one of the best IT service providers.

IT Security Solutions

One of the main concerns in any government or organization is security now being a tad modernised-IT security. As information is stored not physically, the security of the same has developed into an essential segment in any organization. We have developed security solutions for the UAE government as in immigration, border control security, smart airport solutions. In any organization the security parameters are wide and we provide all solutions from security cameras to firewalls.

Hardware & Software Upgradation

When an IT structure is being revamped so should the software and hardware be. Now the size and shape of the organization also called for the part of hassles. Increase in width and length of the business environment, the more complex and tedious the process will be. Most of the organization has their service provider to aid them through the process. We provide our client companies with the upgrade service in a very reliable and cost effective manner. We have a proven history of providing all necessary IT upgradation in a business environment.

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Security Cameras & Biometric Technologies

 Even in office premises or in storage premises of an organization security has been carried out in a stringent manner in order to maintain the privacy and integrity of the information. We have our considerable experience in installation and maintenance of the same. The IT organization is vastly known in administering biometric devices for internal security. This allows authorized personnel to the organization and other private spaces where security demand is high.

Network Installation

As a company grows so is the information capacity which calls for better network installation and security. The infrastructure option which an organization has for industrial networking will be complex. Our IT consultants provide the latest design-build network and solutions. Our installation services go beyond just cabling the network, we prefer to approach outright with network designing, network planning and network configuration. We design the network in such a manner that it is redundant, reliable and efficient in providing the best working environment to our clients.

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